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Angry Bunny: Ninja Revenge


The 1st episode of angry bunny finally got released! Take your revenge on the pirate and get your carrots back!!!


"I had the liberty to play this game, and it is amazingly epically awesomely EPIC! I had no doubt in y mind this would be a great success! - Sevendust,TouchArcade Forums


"You had me at shooting pirate with shurikens. Already I can tell you that this beats Doodle jump easily by a mile. - PureSkill, TouchArcade Forums


In Angry Bunny, tile your iPhone/iPod Touch to guide the ninja bunny jump in the air - picking up carrots, avoiding bombs, and shooting pirate with shurikens.


Be warned: This game is super addictive.



- long and short platforms

- straight shuriken, swing shuriken, serial shuriken and spread shuriken

- watch out pirate bombs!

- shoot pirate with your shurikens (Ninja-style)

- collect carrots for extra points

- no limited pause :D


How To Play: Tilt to jump left or right. Tap the screen to shoot. Shuriken is limited, so don't waste it by shooting downward.


If you like Angry Bunny, please rate it 5 stars, your 5 star ratings and reviews keep the updates coming! Follow the latest update on my website: or twitter: Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas about this game

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Amazing sales! Buy this one get the 1.99 App for free!!! Just leave your Email in the review and I'll send you a redeem code of iPudge. Only 20 codes, so 1st come 1st serve!!!

lite version is top 100 free adventure game in China, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong kong, Taiwan, Armenia... 

One of the best matching type game in app store. The only rule is finding out paired patterns and link them up with no more then 2 turns. It's so easy to play and also so easy to lose. What? you don't believe that? Then try this one, you'll get owned :D

* Much more well designed Levers
* DotA sound effects for all the combos
* Time bonus with every combo
* Tricky in the last level :D
* Hand of Midas and Super Swap 


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Top 100 strategy game in US. and China. Would be more if you downloaded :D

The 1st real DotA game for iPhone/iPod!!! Are you scared of Pudge? But I like it! It's so cute :) Let Pudge fight for you!

In this endless survival game, you gonna play Pudge and use your bloody hook to defend enemies as long as you can. It is super easy to play but not easy to be expert. If you are the real man, go hold on 10000 seconds and I'll give you my iPad App and another iPhone App for free! Guaranteed!!! Send me your screenshot without PS :) at

What is Special:
It is really cool that you have all the skills and sound effects what makes you just feel like play warcraft or DotA on PC. WoW! Isn't that amazing?

* All the skills functional
* All the sound effect from first blood to holy sh*t
* Just like DotA on PC
* Kunkka's loading screen

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Click to access the app store



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This is the MUST HAVE DotA guide App for iPad with 100% simulated warcraft main screen. It includes details of all the 97 heros and 118 items. If you are a fan of dotA or a newbie, It's the best choice for you.

Already been sold in over 30 different countries. The 1st update is coming soon and more functions gonna be added.

* Already upgrade to 6.67c
* All infomations of 97 heroes 
* All 118 Items gallery
* Warcraft main screen
* Choice of background sound
* Kunkka's loading screen